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At The Self-Esteem Team, our goal is to break down the ill vs well myth, to show that mental health is a continuum on which we ALL exist – constantly sliding up and down the scale depending on what is happening in our lives at any given point.

Our mental health is a kaleidoscope of feelings we can't always label, and when we can't articulate them, we often start to wonder what's 'wrong'.

One of the first schools I ever taught at, a girl from Year 9 came up to me and said, 'I don't feel right'. Unknowingly, she had just echoed back to me how I felt as a teen.

There are therapists, doctors, gurus, textbooks, self-help bibles and everything in-between, telling us about emotional literacy and how we should talk about our wellbeing.

Yet that girl said it best.

We are none of those roles mentioned above. Instead, our superhero speakers are real people with real experience that young people relate to when they stand in front of the class and explain it's okay to not 'feel right' and say, I hear you, I see you, I am you.


Having experienced my own journey with self-harm and depression, I understand the aching frustration young people have in trying to find their voice and not knowing how to use it. For me, it meant 'wearing' my struggles as scars on my body to tell what words could not explain and spiralling alone in silence. My background in journalism (working for the majority of the UK's best-selling newspapers) ­has also given me a unique perspective into the inner workings of fame and celebrity, and the part they play in our relationship with self-esteem. This combination of personal and professional experience has helped shape the workshops to equip pupils with the tools needed to navigate a 24/7 world.

All our classes are rooted in clinical study, twinned with ready-to-use strategies as soon as the class is over. Most importantly, our classes reduce feelings of alienation and loneliness, providing a beacon of hope amidst the darkness. We show through personal testimony and proven coping strategies that each of our lives has value and is worth living.

Sessions are available virtually or in-person.

To book a session, ask a question, or just say hi, click the link below. And remember, it's pronounced 'men-tl il-nis' not 'krey-zee'.

Nadia Mendoza, founder Self-Esteem Team 


Alex square_edited.jpg

As a teacher and parent, Alex knows first-hand the challenges young people face today. Sharing tips on how to handle big emotions, dial down anxiety, and manage change, he is the ultimate non-judgemental listener who gives advice in an effective, older sibling way. Alex also leads and co-created our Drugs and Addiction workshops.


declan self esteem team.jpg

If you've ever felt 'different', then Declan's got your back. His electric energy brings fun to every lesson. Behind the smiles, he grew up battling deeply intrusive thoughts as he came to terms with his sexuality. Through trust with others, and ultimately, himself, he began to live his truth. Now, he's on a mission to help others find theirs. 


Jude Self-Esteem Team.jpg

Jude is a passionate advocate for inclusion and equity, who has been working in schools for over a decade. Jude shares their wealth of knowledge, while leading from the heart, exploring what it means to 'fit in'. By tackling discrimination and social conditioning, they share practical ways to increase inclusion and team-building at school.


Nathan Self-Esteem Team.jpg

Nathan is the big brother you grew up wanting. With wit and wisdom by the bucketload, his ability to connect through storytelling is second to none. Having struggled with dyslexia, dyspraxia, and ADHD, he knows the difficulties that come with neurodiversity. By sharing his own story, Nathan helps young people who just want to 'fit in' see it's okay to stand out.


Amie self-esteem team.jpg

Passionate about ensuring the world is a fair, safe place for all, Amie champions mental health from Year 1. She helps lil' ones get to grips with big emotions, using characters from her book, The Monster Book of Feelings, which gives pupils space to understand their minds. All schools receive a free copy with each visit. 

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