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Will you visit me?

We visit schools all over the UK and operate a 'no postcode lottery' policy. This means, everyone pays exactly the same travel expenses and no school is penalised for being too far north, south, east, or west. Please note, this may not apply for locations that require flights or ferries.


On the rare occasion a destination is too tricky to reach, we will offer a virtual talk.

can i record virtual sessions?

No. Virtual talks cannot be recorded as should the videos later be shared, distributed, or rewatched, this affects the livelihood of Self-Esteem Team. 


If classes run consecutively, one speaker is more than enough. One speaker can deliver up to six sessions per visit.


When booking a class, you can let us know if there is a speaker you are interested in and we'll do our best to send them. We are not always able to guarantee availability due to the fact all speakers travel the UK delivering talks which could mean the person you request is booked to speak in Dundee when you need a speaker in Devon. Therefore, we would send the speaker who is more geographically suited on that particular occasion.


If you need to change dates, we can carry your deposit over to a new date providing we are notified within one calendar month of the original booking. If notice of less than one calendar month is given, the deposit is non-refundable and cannot carry over to a new date.
If we have pre-paid travel or accommodation, the school is liable for cancellation or switch fees in the event the booking is changed with notice of less than one calendar month. If cancellation takes place within 24 hours of the booking, the full fee and travel will be charged. 

do you need equipment?

Our speakers are great at keeping audiences engaged and talks are built to work with minimal fuss. All we need is:

  • laptop connected to projector, sound, and internet

  • flipchart or whiteboard and pens

  • microphone (if the room size warrants this)

  • post-it notes or sticky white labels (Self-Esteem workshop only)

how long are the classes?

Our classes are typically 1hour although can run shorter if required, just let us know during the booking process. As the topics we cover are complex, and we like to focus on strategies rather than just awareness-raising content, we do not mix topics within each 1hour session.

can we speak on the phone?

As we are often away from the desk in schools or on projects, our preference is to communicate over email. This also provides a paper trail for discussion points. We can answer queries over the phone, we just require pre-arranging a suitable time over email in advance. 

how do i confirm my booking?

In order to confirm a booking, we need:

  • date

  • start time

  • full timetable of classes 

  • class topics you have chosen

  • email of finance department 

Once we have this information, we will email a 50% deposit invoice while the balance is sent once the sessions have been delivered.  We respectfully ask that invoices are paid within 15 days so that we can pay our speakers fairly and promptly for their time and effort. 

how much does a visit cost?

Our prices vary depending on how many sessions you would like and will be confirmed over email. The most cost effective method is multiple sesssions over one day (for different forms or year groups) as each subsequent hour is discounted. 

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