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While rainbow flags and footballers wearing multi-coloured shoelaces show support for the LGBTQ+ community, they’re just gestures. Gestures don’t make change, education does. With RSE education now mandatory, this is a huge step. 

For staff, we bridge the generational gap and help you breakthrough the fear of getting it wrong, with the education we never had. We know that 74% of LGBTQ+ students who say their school does not have positive messaging have contemplated suicide. That's 74% too many! Without educating ourselves, we do young people an injustice. 


In our specialised training – led by our non-binary, transgender speaker – we explore everything from LGBTQ+ terminology; gender diversity; inclusive language; confidence building when interacting with LGBTQ+ individuals; and more!

Please note: This class is currently only available for staff training.


for staff

All workshops can be delivered virtually or in-person. To enquire for your school, CLICK HERE

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