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•Break down the ill vs well stigma to grasp we all have mental health 
•Learn the five psychological human needs every person needs


•Spot signs of poor mental health and how to seek support 
•Develop positive coping mechanisms to boost resilience 


•Understand intrinsic motivation and why it is relevant to beat stress

•Explore fight and flight and how to make it work for you not against

•Learn how to dial anxiety down by exploring different strategies

•Create a culture around you that doesn't fuel anxiety


•Get to grips with what our core values system looks like 


•Learn how to get to a place of confidence


•Explore identity and how to reject labels that others put on us 


•Promote individuality and see why it is important for self-esteem 



•Understand how our world view can distort how we see ourselves


•Recognise how and why we compartmentalise our bodies 

•Explore what we really value in people rather than aesthetics 

•Create strategies for improving personal body image


•Learn why vaping companies target young people 

•Unearth what is in vapes and how it affects the body

•Recognise that as vapers, you are the lab rat 

•Explore how to break chemical and habitual addiction



This class focuses on raising boys up and positive masculinity

•Learn the difference between stereotypes and archetypes

•See behind the smoke and mirrors of men in media 


•Understand your role within pack mentality and alpha males 



•Explore how to ensure every voice is heard and valued 

•Move away from tolerating differences, towards celebrating and respecting

•Improve skillsets to encourage better student interaction 


•Learn ways to take action and ensure no one is left behind



•First-hand testimonial from

non-binary, trans speaker 


•Understand how gender identity may differ to sex assigned at birth 

•Explore how to develop language around gender 

•Discover LGBTQ+ history and how communities are celebrated


•Discover what drugs do to the body and how

•Explore where or when you may come into contact with drugs

•Understand how to make informed decisions to stay safe 

•Learn the classifications of drugs, including lacing and legal highs


•Learn about the psychology behind addiction

•Establish that addiction is mental not just physical 


•Explore ways to combat triggers of the addictive cycle 


•This class can be tailored to focus on niche areas i.e. drugs, gaming


•​For lil' ones with big emotions​, recommended ages 5 - 9 

​•​Simple (and fun!) mental health strategies 

​•​Learn how to understand and articulate feelings 

•​Receive free teaching resources with complementary book 

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